Warranty Registration And Warranty Claims

Warranty Registration And Warranty Claims

To view the warranty return form Adobe Reader is required. If you need to download and install Adobe Reader (FREE) Click Here In some cases the submit by email button on the forms may not function correctly. This is due to the default program settings on your PC. If the submit by email button does not function correctly on the forms, complete the chosen form then save a copy on your hard disk and attach it to a new email with warranty in the subject line and send the email to warranty@steel-mate.co.uk

Our standard 12 month warranty and our limited product lifetime warranty** only covers parts. Steelmate are not liable and will not pay any labour costs incurred during the removal and or re-installation of warranted equipment or parts. The limited product lifetime warranty** applies only to the original end user/customer of the product for so long as the original end user/customer owns the product. This limited warranty is not-transferable. . When registering for the additional warranty online it is essential to supply the product serial number, and should you need to make a claim the product serial number shown on the ECU must be on all claim correspondence. All warranty claims should be processed as per the instructions on our website under the warranty section and proof of purchase must be provided for both our 12 month and our limited product lifetime warranties.

Our warranty department is open from 09:00-17:30 Mon-Fri and can be contacted by telephone on 01582 475677 or by email (warranty@steel-mate.co.uk) should you require
any further assistance.

**Steelmate limited product lifetime warranty is for the product lifetime which is limited to 5 years.

Important Note Before Making A Warranty Claim

If an intelligent parking sensor kit has been fitted and you are experiencing any problems such as constant tone or erratic readings please do a system reset by shifting the vehicle in and out of reverse 12 times, on the 12th reverse gear selection there will be no confirmation tone leave the vehicle in reverse until you hear the confirmation tone which should be after approx 5 seconds. The system has now been returned to factory defaults. This process must be completed before any warranty claim can be made.

Warranty Claims Procedure

Follow this procedure to make a warranty claim. In the unlikely event of your Steelmate product developing a fault, you must inform us immediately of the problem and obtain a returns number from the warranty team, you can do this either by email (warranty@steel-mate.co.uk with warranty in the subject line) , or by telephone (01582 475677). Your Steelmate product is normally covered by a 12 month warranty from the day of delivery (Unless stated otherwise). It is entirely at the company's discretion whether a repair or replacement is carried out. Please allow up to 14 days for repairs.

ALL RETURNS for whatever reason must be accompanied by a completed warranty form, from this website.

Genuine faults occurring within the warranty period, will be processed FREE OF CHARGE. We are not liable for costs incured in getting the faulty product to us including labour charges for removal/refitting of equipment.

On receipt of equipment proven to be non-faulty, or equipment which has been incorrectly maintained or assembled by the consumer. We reserve the right to charge a Minimum of £10, to a maximum of £25 for our labour and examination costs.
All non-faulty returns will be subject to an additional £6.99 return postage charge.

Any charges must be paid to Steelmate Automotive (UK) Ltd in full before the equipment is released back to the consumer. In the event that a consumer does not agree to pay charges for examination, repair or return postage costs of the items, the items will be quarantined for a period of three (3) months, after which they will be disposed of without further contact with the Customer.

Steelmate Automotive (UK) Ltd's Advanced Exchange Policy

We appreciate that on occasions it is inconvenient to be without your equipment whilst undergoing our returns procedures. In the event that a customer requests replacement equipment to be dispatched prior to our receipt and processing at our premises, we will make a full charge for the equipment, including postage & packing costs.

Upon receipt and examination of the returned goods, if they are found to be genuinely faulty, a refund will be processed immediately

Click Here To Download The Warranty Returns Form

Extended Warranty Registration

Please click the link below to register for your additional warranty. (Our EX parking sensor range has an additional 4 years and the PTSC1 an additional 2 years). The warranty does not cover any labour involved in the removal and or re-installation of warranted equipment or parts. All other products have a 12 month parts warranty only unless otherwise stated.

Online Extended Warranty Registration Click Here.