PC-01 Fast In-Car Phone Charger

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Price: 16.00
Convenient 3-in-1 Car Phone Charger and 3.1A output for fast in-car charging, includes: Type-C connector, micro USB connector and lightning connector. Built-in protection against current and voltage overload. Suitable for 12V and 24V vehicles.

Is your in-car cig plug charger too slow? The Promata Phone charger is designed with 3.1A output for fast in-car charging and three charging heads for convenience. Simply leave in your car’s glove box for whenever you need to charge your phone.

Key Features:

Promata 3.1A superfast car charger
3 charging heads all-in-one: lightning connector, type-C and micro USB
Includes extra USB port
95% power conversion rate
3-way circuit design to protect against overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit
Spring wire for easy wire organisation
Cig-plug style charger suitable for 12V (car) and 24 V (Truck) vehicles
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