DVR Mini 0805P Hardwire And Parking Guard Kit

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Price: 10.00
Hardwire and parking guard kit for the DVR Mini 0805P driving video recorder.

Main Features:

Powers off camera automatically when vehicle voltage drops below 11.5v for 12v and 23.5v for 24v
Cable length approx 3.5m

***Important Note Regarding Vehicle Battery Discharge***

A battery discharge prevention device is sometimes advised, however this largely depends on 2 factors. The first being how often you drive your vehicle, If you drive it daily, a typical dash cam will not drain enough power from an average car battery for a problem to occur unless your journey's are very short. Many people leave their vehicles for 2 or more days in parking mode without any problems with battery discharge. If you will not be driving your vehicle for a few days, you could always unplug or switch off your dash cam to prevent battery discharge.

The second factor is your car battery’s condition. If it is a newer battery in good condition, the dash cam will unlikely drain the battery for numerous days. If your battery is not in good condition and is old, you will likely need to replace it anyway and a battery discharge prevention device will just delay the inevitable battery replacement.
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